Webisodes Worth Watching: The Work of Maximilian

This is Maxmilian. If you’re a gamer and you don’t know who he is, you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

Granted, outside of the fighting game community, he’s not all that well known. Max (pictured here with his roommate Victor Von Doom) has a TON of game tutorial-based web series. He started almost four years ago by uploading videos of Street Fighter III: Third Strike casual matches (this one being the very first on his YouTube channel). He progressed into Super Street Fighter IV, where my favorite videos of his are titled “Rose and her ShamWow.” (Because let’s face it: Rose has a ShamWow.)

Max hit paydirt, however, with his series “The Online Warrior.” It’s literally just a series of captured online matches with his commentary, but the way he explains the choices he makes and the matches you’re watching are simply excellent. Watching one of his videos will make fighting game experts say “that makes sense” and new guys say “hm, I wonder if I could do that.” Of course, it helps that Max is REALLY FREAKIN’ GOOD at fighters…wouldn’t exactly serve him well to stink at the games he’s demoing, right?

Eventually, “Online Warrior” would spawn some evolutions, including what is my personal favorite series of his: Assist Me! Assist Me is a character-specific tutorial highlighting the ins and outs of particular fighters (the first being his roommate Victor Von Doom). Max really digs deep into the character, giving tips that normal players (AKA playing with non-pros) wouldn’t be able to pick up on. However, he explains these things in a way that ANYONE can understand. I’ve certainly felt a lot more confident in my playing after watching.

With the announcement of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, you’d think Max would lay off the Marvel videos and focus on something else. Au contraire, mon ami, Max’s work is far from done. Capcom, being fans of his work, approached him about doing an exclusive, pre-release series titled Ultimate Assist Me, featuring two of the twelve new characters per episode. Max groups his tutorials with humorous scenes featuring one of the characters he’s detailing (the Strider one is particularly good for longtime Marvel vs Capcom fans).  He covers everything a player looking forward to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 would need to know: mobility, specials, supers, and more. He even shows off a few combos just to drive his point home. Ten of the twelve new characters are featured, with the last episode hitting this week (covering the recently announced Frank West and Rocket Raccoon). Not only that, but he’s also been doing video change log tutorials detailing all of the changes to the original game’s cast (as of this writing, he’s completed the Marvel side of the cast in four episodes, with the Capcom side to come). The dude is ALL OVER Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and you’re looking forward to it, you should be watching.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Geez Jay, another freakin’ fighting game article. We know you’re obsessed with him, but for the love of Doom give us something else!” There is more to Max than just fighters, you know…

See, Max is also a huge Call of Duty fan. He’s made multiple videos detailing his Modern Warfare and Black Ops escapades (including one of if not THE first nuke in Modern Warfare 2). His commentary with CoD is just as good as his fighting game stuff, as he talks about matches he played and how he approached them. This is no one trick pony, not by a long shot. CoD fans (and I know you’re out there) could stand to watch his videos too. Now, is he more focused on the fighting games? Yes, but wouldn’t you be if the maker of the game came to you and asked to produce stuff for them? Can’t say I blame him.

Maximilian and his smorgsabord of gaming video are definitely another example of Webisodes Worth Watching. Make sure that you do.


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