A New Year Brings New Beginnings…

Hey there, intrepid Philly Games Blog readers…all three of you…

When I decided to create my own blog, I had big things in mind. Giant, colossal things. Things that, unfortunately, it’s rather hard for one man to do. As such, I’ve decided to change the focus of this here writing stop. No longer will I call myself “Philly Games Blog,’ as that makes me sounds like I’m the one blog representing Philadelphia video games, and that’s a bit presumptuous. I’m one guy, who happens to live in the City of Brotherly Love, talking about the vidya gaimz from one perspective.

Hence, “Philly Games Guy.”

The new title basically says everything you need to know about me and what I’ll be doing here: Philly guy talking games. Of course, some may say “well now you make it sound like you’re the only guy in Philly who talks games” and those people are sarcastic asshole neckbeards that are trying to start trouble. Or my brother. Either way, that’s not what I’m trying to do. This is my personal soapbox, where I can rant and rave about games however I please.

Title of the blog aside, starting next Monday I’m going to go through my personal Best of 2011 series. 50 categories total will be presented, broken into 5 days: Original Categories on Monday, Sound on Tuesday, Technical on Wednesday, Genre on Thursday, and Console Awards and The Big Three (Dev, Publisher, Game of the Year) on Friday. It will be a great lead-in to what looks like a stellar year of gaming.

There will (hopefully) be other posts this week leading up to said awards, so keep an eye on the new Philly Games Guy blog!

P.S. Notice the URL changed too. If you have this favorited, EDIT IT NAO.


Been to Rockstar’s Website Today?


If so, you’d have seen this.

Well well, seems Rockstar’s a bunch of busy beavers, hm? Max Payne in March, this presumably next holiday…HHHHMMMMMMMM…

Here’s to hoping there’s some Brotherly Love in GTA V.

Mass Effect 3 Demo News!!!!

Straight off of the BioWare Forums!

“Hello everyone! It’s going to be a Happy New Year! Mass Effect 3 will have a pre-release demo in January 2012. This demo will have both single player and multiplayer sections, giving fans a taste of what’s to come on March 6, 2012. Be first to the front lines in the multiplayer section of the Mass Effect 3 demo! Redemption of the Online Pass for Battlefield 3 will unlock this early access. But rallying for war is just getting started – in late November / early December, BioWare will announce other ways for fans to engage the enemy with their friends online from day one!

What are the details of the Mass Effect 3 pre-release demo?

•The Mass Effect 3 pre-release demo will launch in January 2012 (exact date TBA).
•The demo will include both single-player and multi-player sections.
•The demo will be released in all regions where the game is

How can I get early access to the multi-player portion of the Mass Effect 3 demo coming in January 2012?

•Owners of Battlefield 3, on any platform, who activate their Online Pass will automatically be granted early access to the multiplayer portion of the Mass Effect 3 demo. There is no need to enter any other codes, the early access will be applied to the EA Account associated with the Online Pass.
•This applies to all regions where the demo is released (to be announced)
•The exact date of the demo launch will be announced in late November
•There will be another program whereby players and fans of the Mass Effect franchise can unlock this early access (with no purchase necessary) – this will also be announced in late November or early December.
•There will also be a tool posted on http://www.masseffect.com allowing players to check if their EA account has been granted the early access.
•The length of the early access period is TBA.
•The single-player section of the demo will be available to all players on day one of the demo launch.”

Sorry to copy/paste, but WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

NYCC 2011: Phoenix Wright and Nova Revealed for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


I don’t like being wrong. I hate having the wrong info, and I certainly don’t like predicting things incorrectly.

I had predicted that Capcom wouldn’t reveal everyone’s favorite defense attorney until later, as he was clearly the most desired character on the roster.

I was wrong, and for once, I have no objection to being so.

Phoenix Wright and Nova both made their Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 debuts at 11AM this morning, and believe me when I tell you that both characters look amazing in their own right.

The absence of Frank West and Rocket Raccoon is interesting, but I guess Capcom needs SOMETHING to save for their UMvC3 panel on Saturday, right?

Reveal trailers below, then full-match gameplay trailers and the official NYCC trailer after that!

Here’s the best part, quoted straight from the official Capcom press release:

“Both characters will be playable on the floor this week at New York Comic Con.”

That’s right, all of you lucky SOBs that are attending the show this weekend can get your hands on both of these new characters just by playing the game at the Capcom and IGN booths.

Figures the one year I can’t get to NYCC is the year that one of my favorite characters of all time joins one of my favorite fighting games ever. God dammit.

Look for more NYCC news right here, including much more from Capcom, as Street Fighter X Tekken will have its day in the sun as well.

UPDATED: Mass Effect May Get Multiplayer After All, But Do We Really Want It?

Fueling the rumor flames even further this morning is an Australian gaming magazine, who proclaims that Mass Effect 3 will in fact include multiplayer content when it hits shelves next year. The website for PC Power Play gives a brief description:

“That’s right – Mass Effect 3 is getting multiplayer! We travel to BioWare’s office in Edmonton for hands-on time with the series’ first foray into online gameplay, and chat with Mass Effect Series Producer and Mass Effect 3 Project Director Casey Hudson about the decision to go multiplayer in the epic battle for the galaxy.”

This seems to be the most convincing evidence yet that multplayer will come to BioWare’s epic, but I can’t help but wonder…why? Mass Effect has built a franchise on an excellent single-player experience, with storytelling and character development that is unmatched. There are a legion of ME fans that became so without needing to play alongside or against other human opponents, so why include it?

One thing is for certain: the only way that this will be accepted is if it has absolutely no bearing on the story set up by the first two games. Perhaps it’s a Portal 2-type of co-op where friends can play a side story separate from the main arc, but even Portal 2’s co-op laid a foundation for future games, and I wouldn’t want that. Furthermore, I want no freakin’ parts of competitive multiplayer UNLESS it’s a arcade-style score-based co-op experience. Deathmatch does NOT belong in Mass Effect, I’m sorry.

Here’s a scenario I think will work: During Mass Effect 3’s single-player, Shepherd gets status reports of other battles against the Reapers fought by the Alliance or other factions working with Shepherd. As the game progresses and more reports come in, those battles unlock in the co-op mode, and THAT’S what you play. After completing the battle and returning to the story mode, Shepherd will hear of your efforts and either be pleased with your victory or curse your defeat, the outcome influenced by the choices you make.

That right there is the only way any type of multiplayer will work. It has to be co-op, and it has to not influence the main story arc at all, other than at the most reaction from Shepherd. With NYCC at the end of the week, perhaps BioWare will shed some light on their new initiative, but until then all we can do is wait and wonder..

UPDATE: Casey Hudson, one of the top dogs on Mass Effect 3, just tweeted:

“Yes, co-op MP missions for #ME3: they’re real, and they’re spectacular. Rest assured it’s nothing of what you’ve feared. More soon…”


Three New Street Fighter X Tekken Teasers Leave Me Scratching My Damn Head

Fresh from the Brazil Game Show (who knew?) are three new teaser trailers for Street Fighter X Tekken, teasing more new selectable fighters.

Normally I’m pretty good at these teaser things. I can figure out what’s going on, who’s being teased, so on and so forth. This time, though, that crafty Yoshinori Ono has got me good. I’ve literally no idea who’s being teased in these three movies. The first one has three different Street Fighters, for God’s sake. Watch the three and see if you can make some sense out of it, and I’m sure we’ll get the answers next week at New York Comic Con 2011.

I see Juri, Viper, AND Dan in the first one…Dee Jay’s braids and Mecha-Zangief in #2…and who knows what the holy hell is going on with three…no matter what, we’ll see what’s unveiled at New York Comic Con next week.

UPDATE: Thanks to some excellent analysis from EventHubs, it seems there’s a great case to be made for Juri in #1, Vega in #2, and Balrog in #3. Not a bad trio, if you ask me.